Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The art of ironying

I found this clip-art and had some thoughts being the first my total lack of skill using the iron even thou I tried and promised that "this time I'll succeed".
I followed all the instructions from women of my family like right temperature, water for the biggest wrinkles, lots of other tips I forgot, and even the ironing map: for a shirt start ironing the collar; shoulder; sleeves; back; front... I did it all carefully so time for another garment.
Shirt on the hanger. Again! There was not terrible wrinkles but it was unacceptable to wear.
After many tries I gave up and the only tip I have for irons is:

"Don't make grilled cheese sandwiches with your iron, or iron your hair - it gets the iron dirty."
Another one that Missy reminded: "Don't let the iron drop on the carpet. Both will be ruined."
it was learned by experience and I can say it's true, by experience.


Missy said...

Don't let the iron drop on the carpet either. It ruins the iron and the carpet. <-- real life experience



Ana said...

I know. Real life experience too. lol