Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger crisis

OMG! Writer and artists have their crisis and of course other activities also have insomnia but I know too little about them.
Writes and artists sometimes fear not being creative anymore; they fear the white page; they blank, meaning they simply find it impossible to start any kind of work; when they finish a book or after the opening of an exhibition, some of them feel sad because they start asking: "now what?."
They work all the time, even when they are not painting or writing. Writers, at least some I knew, look at what is going around them taking mental notes and I have already catch one of them looking at me taking notes only to read at the next book the description of a woman drying her hair, or... I don't remember but more two things I'm sure it was written from these mental notes he took from watching me. I felt terrible at that time.
Painters, when not working, think about their work in a different way but you can feel they are a little anxious, sometimes a moving one foot quickly, that part of their minds are around but the other part is at that space where all their works are together asking them: "what now?" or something of this kind.
I forgot about the blogger crisis. I'll write about it in another post.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nunca más!

I don't think that saying "I'm ashamed" when in face of cruelty, or what is called inhuman treatments, guilty is not the most important sense of the word shame.

It is the word that was chosen, I don't know when, to express the perplexity and bewilderment that some events cause. The expressions
"crying shame": Fig. a very unfortunate situation. and
"What a shame!" Fig. an expression of consolation meaning That's too bad." "What a pity!" has the sense of "It's to sad." to the word "shame".
It is not a question of blaming ourselves, not a moral issue.
But for those who don't like seeing horror spectacles, or have pleasure in seeing misery, the felling "what could I have done to prevent it?" can be hidden somewhere. No. Not guilty or helpless will take over and this is not a good combination.
The best to do is to turn this bad conscience into action. Nunca más**!

*Picture: "Shame," by Ori Kleiner, 21 May 2004 via oznik-art.
**(English: Never Again), the title of the 1984 report of Argentina's National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Motivational poster

I'm publishing here now my adventures as a meme creator. There are too many itens at Hella Heaven and here few people come so I don't need to fear the judgement.
Quite convenient.

Very Demotivational

First Hella Heaven's Very demotivational.
First published at Hella Heaven.

FAIL: hella heaven series

First Hella Heaven's fail series. I hope I can make others.
First published at Hella Heaven.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Isn't it awful? Yes, but...

I was reading this post Muff, at Kaleidoscope Muff, wrote about some real life friends she accepted at Facebook. She described very well some people's behavior that makes it almost impossible to have any kind of relation.
The pathological liar affects me in a very deep way since my sister is at the list. It is impossible to talk to her because she doesn't only lie about important aspects of life but also about the most silly things. So in every ten phrases you get almost nothing, no connection whatsoever.
There are those who constantly talk about their problems that are always more important and serious than others and insoluble.
Whatever you say is refused usually with the famous sentence that makes the life of therapists hell: "Yes, but...".
You can talk for one hour with a "Yes, but..." person and it will lead nowhere since even small talking is not a possible escape. Than it comes a day that, at least I did, you have to look at the person and say: "No. No "but" this time or anymore."
Usually the person who is in this kind of vicious circle is also a constant sympathy seeker. They complain, whine, whimper in a monochromatic way and it makes you loose all your energy. At the bottom of whatever they say is the sign: "Isn't it awful?"
I'm a person who is very empathetic with other people's suffering but I confess that I learned to avoid wasting my energy when facing this behavior.
No need to remorse because it will not make any difference in their lives for they also don't want your friendship and know that everybody leaves so there are always at least three persons around them.
If one person don't show up it will not be noticed.
You can take a look at "Games People Play", to see more psychological traps that you can avoid. It was Eric Berne, founder of the Transactional Analysis, back in the sixties who did these patterns. I don't like it as a therapy process but it is a good source to understand some relationships you have the suspicion that are a little bit strange.
Now I will change the TV channel because I'm in the "Speech, I have the power game." when a head of state talks whatever is in his head, or at the speech script, and we have to listen.
Why do they have to speak like this, in a solemn and rhetorical way? It is so old-fashion!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A face in the crowd

I don't remember where I found the cute buttons that had three different styles of women. I did choose this one and did some changes. It doesn't look like buttons anymore and is now another face at the crowd. I don't know why I liked that.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Transgenders awareness campaign: talking to a transgender woman

Please, I hope you read it because you will not find any campaign at the mainstream media about the hermaphrodite, transgender is the right word, and there are lots of people needing you to understand them.
If you want you skip and go straight to the talking to Cynthia that is the most important and you will understand the problem.

"Transgenders are murdered, many commit suicide, they are given medicines in a trial and error roulette that destroy their healthy, many can't get a job because of prejudice...
You have no idea how these people suffer.
I'll publish a chat I had with a very nice woman who is a transgender today.
It is heartbreaking and you cannot help feeling angry.
A campaign about them have to be done but WHO and no other institution will do it.
It's up to us, citizens, to make our best.
Many people think they are rare. No. They stay home because of stigma and some bad health due to medical treatments that made them get worse."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being in touch with children

The eency weency spider went up the water spout,
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun that dried up all the rain,
And the eency weency spider climbed up the spout again

We have to enter their world from time to time cause they spend most of theirs watching us and trying to make sense of what is happening high over their heads and it is amazing how much they understand even thou only later they will be able to name what they are witnessing.
Efficacious ways to reach them are by music, fairy tales, children stories, images, drawing, words are part of many languages that make it easy to connect with children. Speaking to their imagination.

Adapted from a post of my blog justAna.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The art of ironying

I found this clip-art and had some thoughts being the first my total lack of skill using the iron even thou I tried and promised that "this time I'll succeed".
I followed all the instructions from women of my family like right temperature, water for the biggest wrinkles, lots of other tips I forgot, and even the ironing map: for a shirt start ironing the collar; shoulder; sleeves; back; front... I did it all carefully so time for another garment.
Shirt on the hanger. Again! There was not terrible wrinkles but it was unacceptable to wear.
After many tries I gave up and the only tip I have for irons is:

"Don't make grilled cheese sandwiches with your iron, or iron your hair - it gets the iron dirty."
Another one that Missy reminded: "Don't let the iron drop on the carpet. Both will be ruined."
it was learned by experience and I can say it's true, by experience.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pleasure collection book

 Swim with her               Swim with him

This is an adaptation of my "My pleasure collection" little book, not published. The bad quality of the image, not well scanned, not showing that the fishes are in high relief and they are blurred don't make it impossible to see the whole idea.
I hope you like it.  
Have a great Sunday!

First published today, same time, at Hella Heaven.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Very Slowly

That's the motto of this blog. I started it and I have no idea on how is it going to be and I want it to keep it this way.
 As I had to do backups of my blogs I decided to try them here and so I published three of their posts. I think that is a good idea because I don't remember some of them and there are others I would like to share one more time. 
I don't care about numbers at my other blogs. For this one I couldn't care less.
I wanted to share a drawing. I have it on my mind but not in paper. So I'll scam something I did some years ago. brb
I found this anonymous image at my documents and I wonder what happened. It looks like a spider web, a bullet on a windshield... why Rorschach tests have the same images that we feel like answering "a bat"; "a butterfly" for all of them? 

Update: May,8
This is how Maznah at Cooking-Varieties sees the picture:
Isn't it amazing? I can't see this way but I'll try. Leave a comment if you see something.