Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little bit uncomfortable

Just found this .gif image and felt like sharing. I'm glad it's not me.


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, i consider yours settled..yay, yay, glad you take the awards. congrats...
today, i am a bit hectic trying to get this awards organized. have a nice day dear

Ana said...

Thank you again!

DB said...

Tell the lady to get inside if she knows what's good for her.


Ana said...

Lol DB!

cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, that's a guy right? not a lady..
where on earth did you find him ?... how come, you did not call 911..
i know why, u already did, but 911 got swallowed, cos they tried to show off.
That guy will be safe, dont worry, he is not a show off..:) he's just a humblke pie, stuck..
could not open his laptop to blog.

Ana said...

Great story Mazhah!
I'm calm now that you told me that he's safe.

Missy said...

It's me! Except it needs the little dark cloud above it.


Ana said...

No! Don't look at yourself with no way out.
It must take time but things will be fine Missy.