Thursday, November 17, 2011


Keep walking.


Missy said...

What is it?

Ana said...

A tunnel.
Isn't it clear? Oh! It makes no sense if it is not seen properly.
Hmm... I'll try another image.

Prime Aque said...

I see the meaning of it clearly! It's not to bright, but life is truly like that! Whether dark or light we have to keep walking, we only have to choices in fact, whether to choice to enjoy life or stuck on one side lonely! I like this! :)

Ana said...

Yes. That's what I meant. Thank you!

Sagittarian said...

This is so real.. Life, keep walking.. No matter what happen just keep on walking.. Life is full of mysteries, maybe today we are down, but we can't tell tomorrow sun shines with us too.. Never lose hope because life is a gift from HIM.. Great post, I like this!:)

Have a wonderful day!

Ana said...


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, the tiny lines are there to follow, as a sure guide to reach the end of the tunnel..
what's outside the tunnel, is it greener than the other end? :)
ok , now i wanna go see your hypnotic post :)