Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wishing-list from childhood

A box of 48 colored pencil in a box of iron was on my mind when I was a child. Cardboard box would ruin it all.
It is still expensive, I guess, but I think I'll have it one day and I hope they smell good.


Sagittarian said...

Hi, lovely..:) Reminiscing our wishing-list from childhood was a great feeling! I remember when I was small, how I wish to have a collection of Barby doll, but my mom couldn't give it to me, because it was expensive. Maybe someday hopefully I can have it too!:)

Merry Christmas!:)

Ana said...

Same to me. I had a Brazilian version of Barbie and couldn't have the expensive one either.
Marry Xmas Sagittarian!

untonyto said...

I'm always gathering colored pencils!!! So this post spoke to me in a special way.