Sunday, February 12, 2012

Astrid Bartel

I'm finally joining Google+ and trying to learn everything again. I found Astrid Bartels digiArt and I loved it. She has numerous amazing works and surely I'll be publishing some of them.

The most incredible about internet is that we can find art being created by many people that are not at the market. I think that lately the art market lost it's way and money is intervening in the appreciation of art.

The last century's artists had to follow the known protocols if they wanted their work to be exposed but there were boundaries and it was the artists who were more on command and were respected by art dealers and by art collectors.

Things are a little bit upside down now and some works of art that are of dubious quality are on museums, galleries creating a kind of post-modernist Rococo with little room for subtle and... innovation.
Let's see what happens.

I just found this great article by Donald Kuspit.
"Art has never been independent of money, but now it has become a dependency of money."
Donald Kuspit

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